Top 5 Kalyana Mandapam In Tirunelveli

In Tier1 cities like Chennai and Coimbatore, there are Exceptional Kalyana Mandapams with advanced features and more facilities. Tirunelveli which is a developing city which is about to become a smart city also has some excellent and famous Kalyana mandapams. You can find both traditional and modern style mandapams in these cities, but not in Tirunelveli. Here we list the top 5 mandapams in Tirunelveli with their positives and negatives.

5. Sri Sringeri Saradha Kalyana Mandapam

This is one of the traditional types Kalyana Mandapam which is highly preferred by orthodox people who follow the marriage traditions. The hall can accommodate many guests, but it is old fashioned. This gives a traditional look to the hall. I recently attended the marriage of my colleague, and I found that mandapam was neatly maintained. It is a big Brahmin marriage hall in Tirunelveli. The hall is located in the narrow streets of the city. Thus it is difficult to locate this Kalyana mandapam for newcomers.

If you’re looking for a spacious and reasonably priced hall, you can choose this hall. The dining hall is cramped, and this is one of the negatives for this hall. It is difficult to reach the marriage hall as the road approach is not available. The halls are air-conditioned and convenient. It can accommodate nearly 1000 people. The main advantage of this hall is its spacious parking facility. People who organize traditional wedding can book this Kalyana Mandapam. I was really impressed by the services offered by the marriage hall staffs. It is an affordable marriage hall with all the required facilities for organizing marriages and family functions.

4. Maharishi Mahal

Maharishi Mahal is one of the traditional type wedding halls in Tirunelveli where one can organize traditional marriages and other family functions. I have been to the mandapam many times for attending various types of functions. They made the hall air conditioned recently.The main drawback with this hall is the limited parking space provided. The parking space cannot accommodate more the 50 vehicles.

Thus many of the guests parked their vehicles on the road. The hall is located in the central area inside the city. One can quickly find the mandapam from the main road. Thus it is highly crowded, and it is a real headache to reach the place due to heavy traffic. It is one of the reliable marriage halls in Tirunelveli which is known for its excellent facility. It is a reasonable marriage hall in terms of cost. The dining space is not spacious; thus it looks crowded.

3. PPL Kalyana Mandapam

PPL Kalyana Mandapam is a well-known marriage hall in the town of Tirunelveli. This marriage hall is located in a prime location of the city. Thus it was possible to reach the hall with less trouble. The hall is well connected with public transport. This is a theatre style marriage hall which looks spacious and grand. We recently organized my brother’s wedding in this hall.

The function arrangement was held at the first level of the mandapam. A spacious dining hall was provided at the ground level.It was a compact but spacious marriage hall which was sufficient to accommodate our relatives. We were satisfied with the services offered by the staffs of Mandapam. The dedicated parking space helped my guests to park their vehicle easily. On the whole, this was a very lovely hall which impressed my guests.

2. Lakshmi Kalyana Mandapam

Lakshmi Kalyana Mandapam is one of the decent Kalyana Mandapam in Tirunelveli where my relative’s wedding happened. The mandapam is located inside the city, and it helped people to reach the marriage hall easily.All the facilities were offered in the Kalyana Mandapam for the guests. The mandapam looked traditional and grand. The marriage hall was spacious and comfortable.

The mandapam is located in a crowded area, and this was the main drawback with this mandapam.It was possible for us to visit various tourist attractions as they were located near. The famous Shiva Temple is situated near the marriage hall. I liked the interior design of this Kalyana Mandapam. The hall was spacious, and thus it can accommodate several guests. The hall is entirely air-conditioned, but the dining area was a bit hot.

1. VMS Kalyana Mandapam

VMS Kalyana Mandapam is one of the most popular marriage halls in Tirunelveli. Recently my friend’s wedding happened here. The mandapam is located inside the city, and it is well connected with public transport. My friends reached the place quickly without any trouble. The marriage hall was big enough to accommodate the guests who came for the wedding. We felt convenient as the hall had centralized AC.

The dining hall was also spacious. Parking was the only problem as there is no parking for the Kalyana Mandapam. All the vehicles were parked on the roadside. This was the main problem with this Kalyana Mandapam. There are ample rooms in the Mandapam to stay. The rooms were well maintained, and I had a comfortable stay there. The mandapam had all the facilities required for organizing a marriage.

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