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Nellai - The home of temples that spell our glorious Tamil heritage and exude an aura of peace and spirituality.

Popular Temples in Tirunelveli

Nellai's Annual Festive Events

For those seeking peace of mind through Spiritual Experiences, Nellai is the place to be. The vibrant landscape is dotted with multitudes of big and small temples dating back hundreds of years. Festivals and vrathams (fastings) are celebrated throughout the year, reflecting the cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.
Special Festival Days

Nellaiappar Temple Car Festival
This festival celebrates the rise of Lord Nellaiappar and Goddess Gandhimathi in the Royal Chariot, the third-largest chariot in Tamil Nadu. The spectacular event is marked by processions of deities and other spiritual events.

Tirunelveli Gandhimathi Ammai Aadi Puram Festival
Celebrated on the event of Aadipooram on the month of Aadi, this sprouting festival takes place exclusively for Gandhimathi Amman. The festival is celebrated in the Amman Sannidhi Swing Hall at the Gandhimathi Amman temple.

Thirupudaimarudur Thaipoosam Tirthavari
The Thirthavari festival is celebrated at the Thirupudaimarudhur Narambunathan Temple that dates back to more than a thousand years. The festival occurs in the month of Thai on Poosam Star, during which devotees take a dip in the Thamirabarani river along with the Utsava Murthi of the Lord.

Tirunelveli Aippasi Thabasu / Tirukkalyanam Festival
The Thabasu and Thirukalayanam or Celestial Wedding held in Nellaiappar Gandhimathi Amman temple are important festivals. The Thabasu is held on Aippasi Pooram and the Thirukalyanam takes place the following day which is Aippasi Uthiram.
Palayamkottai Dasara Festival
The Dasara festival in October or November is celebrated with much pomp, splendour, and joy in all the twelve Amman temples in Palyamkottai. The festival celebrations last for twenty-five days are second only to the Dasara festival in Mysore.
Sankarankovil Aadi Thabasu
Sankarankoil's Aadi Thabasu signifies the day when Gomathi Amman, Pathuman, and Sangan appeared as Sankaranarayana at the pinnacle of penance. The festival also emphasises the ideology that Shiva and Vishnu are the same.

Tiruchendur Skanda Shasti Festival
The Soorasamharam is the highlight of the Skanda Shasti festival held outside the famous temple premises in Tiruchendur. Thousands of people gather to witness Lord Murugan defeating the demon and defending the Gods.

Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Festival
Held in the town of Alwarthirunagari, the Vaikasi Visakam festival last for twelve days. The festival is celebrated to mark the birth of Swami Nammalvar. The highlight of the festival is the Garuda Seva of the nine incarnations of Lord Perumal.

Thai Ammavasai Ennaikapu Mahotsavam
On the day of Thai Ammavasai, which falls in January, the Ennaikaapu Mahotsavam takes place at the Nanguneri Vanamamalai Perumal temple. The sacred oil is stored in the oil well inside the temple premises.

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Important Fasting Days

For Lord Murugan:

  • Skanda Shasti Vratham
  • Aadi Kiruthigai
  • Vaikasi Visakam
  • Thai Poosam
  • Thirukarthigai Vratham

For Lord Shiva:

  • Kedara Gowri Vratham
  • Pradhosha Vratham
  • Sivaratri Vratham
  • Aani Uthiram
  • Thiruvadhirai or Aarudhra Dharisanam

For Lord Ganesha:

  • Pillaiyar Nonbu
  • Sankatahara Chathurthi Vratham
  • Ganesh Chathurthi Navaratri
  • Vinayagar Chathurthi

For Goddess Shakthi:

  • Varalakshmi Vratham
  • Aadi pooram
  • Aadi Sevai
  • Panguni thingal
  • Maasi magam

Updated Posts

Check out our latest posts and keep yourself updated with all the news and information on the upcoming festivals. You can also catch up with all the recent religious events that have taken place in the notable temples in Tirunelveli district.

Religious Festivities - A Quick Glimpse

Ninth Kailasam – Sernthapoomangalam
September 3, 2016
Uromasa Maharishi, on the advice of Sage Agasthiyar, built nine Shiva temples along the banks of River Thamirabarani to attain salvation. His wish was fulfilled when he worshipped the Lord at the ninth temple. Click here to read the history of his spiritual journey where he set nine flowers afloat on the waters of Thamirabarani. […]
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Eighth Kailasam - Rajapathy
August 30, 2016
Eighth Kailasam - Rajapathy Rajapathy (Rajapathy) on the banks of Thamirabarani is the home of the eighth Kailasam. Rajapathy means the “Place where kings resided” or “the location of a palace”. Steadfast Efforts of Devotees for the Lord’s Home The temple built by Uromasa Maharishi, disciple of the holy sage Agasthya and the grandson of […]
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Seventh Kailasam – Thenthiruperai
August 24, 2016
According to Hindu beliefs it is said that only the influence of Mercury (புதன்) determines one’s intelligence. Success is determined only by the presence of mind and intellect. Lord Shiva takes the form of Budhan at the seventh Kailasam at Thenthiruperai (தென்திருப்பேரை) on the banks of Thamirabarani. One can attain command over speech, intellect and […]
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Sri Vaigundam – The Sixth Kailasam
August 17, 2016
The sixth Kailasam temple at Sri Vaikundam (ஸ்ரீ வைகுண்டம்) was built by Uromasa Maharishi, the grandson of Lord Brahma and the disciple of Sage Agasthiyar. This is the Sani Sthalam (சனி ஸ்தலம்) among the Nava Kailasam temples. According to Hindu beliefs, the period of Ashtamathil Sani (அஷ்டமத்தில் சனி) and Ezharai Naatu Sani (ஏழரை நாட்டு சனி) […]
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Famous Temples in Tirunelveli

Visit Nellai to Embark on a Spiritual Journey

Tirunelveli is a treasure trove of Tamil Nadu's rich and deep-rooted cultural heritage. The city and its surrounding areas have many temples dedicated to ancestors and holy deities. Each temple boasts a unique history and stands as proof of architectural brilliance. Long-established traditions are celebrated as spectacular annual festivals, making Tirunelveli an excellent place to discover the spiritual fervour of Tamil Nadu.
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Your Destination for Spiritual Bliss
The name Tirunelveli is synonymous with centuries-old Tamil tradition and culture. This is a land of temples that brings together multitudes of devotees and art admirers from all over the world. Tirunelveli is a fast-growing city. Yet, it exudes spirituality and tranquillity like no other place. Visiting Nellai is like stepping into a time capsule. You become one with the city's spiritual aura and its long-preserved Tamil heritage. Visit Nellai, fall in love with its cultural eminence and immerse yourself in its positive vibes!
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