Nutritious Beverage Pathaneer and its Miraculous Benefits

July 15, 2016
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How the popular summer drink Pathaneer (பதநீர்) is prepared? Who are the industrious laborers behind its production? What obstacles are they facing in their daily life? What are the benefits of this drink? Watch this video to get the answers for all these questions.

With soaring mercury levels, all we want to do is chill out with a refreshing drink. Residents of the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu look forward to sipping Pathaneer to beat the heat every summer. For those who haven’t tasted this natural coolant, Pathaneer is a sweet, delicious, natural and nutritious beverage obtained from the Palmyra Palm tree.
You can come across several vendors selling this natural coolant in and around Tirunelveli during peak summer. It is a common sight for people crowding around the vendors and enjoying this yummy drink on impromptu cups made from palm leaves. But rarely do the urban dwellers know the struggle and physical effort involved in making this delectable healthy beverage. So follow us on our journey, as we capture a day in the life of a Pathaneer climber, the man who brings this drink from the treetops to our cities.

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