Ninth Kailasam – Sernthapoomangalam

September 3, 2016
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Uromasa Maharishi, on the advice of Sage Agasthiyar, built nine Shiva temples along the banks of River Thamirabarani to attain salvation. His wish was fulfilled when he worshipped the Lord at the ninth temple. Click here to read the history of his spiritual journey where he set nine flowers afloat on the waters of Thamirabarani.

Sernthapoomangalam Temple

The ninth flower docked at Sernthapoomangalam (சேர்ந்தபூமங்கலம்) which literally means “the place where the flower rested and completed the journey”. The location where a river converges with the sea is known as “Mangalam”. This spot on the banks of Thamirabarani is known as “Sangumugam” (சங்குமுகம்).

The Lord of this temple is Sri Kailasanathar and the Goddess is Sri Soundarya Nayagi. Lord Shiva takes on the features of Venus (சுக்ரன்) here. It is said that worshipping the Lord here is as beneficial as praying to Lord Shiva at Kanjanoor, which is next to the Kumbakonam Suriyanar Temple.


Significance of Sangumugam

The river Thamirabarani flows at a distance of half a kilometre from the temple at Sernthapoomangalam and a sacred bathing Ghat is present here. Due to the rapid flow of the water, the river confluences with the sea at Punnakayal which is around four kilometres from here. This place is known as Sangumugam. The bathing Ghat here is considered very auspicious and water from here is taken to begin the Kumbabishegam rites at several nearby temples. It is believed that not only Uromasa Maharishi but also the great Sage Agasthiyar and the King of the Seas (கடலரசன்) worshipped the Lord at this sacred spot.

Lord Sukran’s Benevolent Influence

Lord Sukran reigns over a person’s life for twenty years and blesses a person with name, fame and abundant wealth. Here at Sernthapoomagalam, Lord Shiva is attributed with the features of Sukran. If a man has a prosperous career, then he attains great fame, glorious name and captures the attention and respect of the whole world. It is said that all this is possible only with the blessings of Lord Sukran and to seek his divine blessings, you must visit this temple.

Virtual Tour of the Temple

  • The central shrine facing East is the magnificent Shiva Lingam on a pedestal(ஆவுடை) and the idol of the Goddess faces south. There is an ornamental ceiling over both the sanctums and there are two stone stages directly opposite to them.
  • As we enter the temple through the south facing entrance, we step into the Garden Corridor (Nandavana Sutru) which houses the idol of Dakshinamoorthy on a separate stage. During Guru Peyarchi Special poojas are performed for this Lord who grants academic excellence.
  • Kanni Vinayagar is in the southwest
  • Lord Muruga along with his consorts Valli and Theiyvanai is in the northwest
  • Lord Saniswarar is in the northern corridor
  • Baiyaravar is in the north-east
  • The stage of the flag mast at the front is slightly lowered and just like in other temples the sacrificial altar and Nandi idol are also present here.

Historically Significant Ancient Stone Inscriptions

According to the inscriptions found in this temple, it is believed that the first Maravarman, Sundara Pandian must have constructed this temple. Another legend contradicts this fact and states that this temple was built during the reign of the Pandian King “Sendhan”. These stone edifices state that this town was known earlier as “Kudanaatu Aathoor Serndha Mangalam” and “Avaniba Sekara Chaturvedi Mangalam”.

Sernthapoomangalam temple

Unique Features & Specialities of this Temple

  • It is said that one can attain the immense blessings of Sukran by taking a dip in the sacred Chandigar Theertham and worshipping the Lord.
  • It is truly a miracle that in spite of the several natural calamities that ravished this region, this temple stands steadfast without any major damages even today.
  • The image of Lord Kubera, the Lord of Wealth riding an elephant along with his consorts Sanga Nithi and Paduma Nithi is carved on the Vimana above the main sanctum. This is a rare idol of Lord Kubera that is found only at this temple. After praying to Lord Shiva, it is a custom for devotees to worship this Lord on the tower seeking wealth and prosperity.
  • It is a belief that when “Neeranjana Pooja” is done for childless couples, they are blessed with a baby.
  • It is said that continuous losses in business can be overcome by writing a “Sukra Olai” and performing special poojas. This ritual is held on every Friday.
  • Worshipping the Lord here rids one of “Sukra Dosham” and misfortunes.
  • The Lord of this temple blesses his devotees with a happy marital life.

Festivals & Rituals

car festival

  • The temple car festival was not held for several years. Now this is done regularly due to the joint efforts of devotees every year on Chithra Pournami.
  • It is the Full moon day that occurs in the Tamil month of Chithirai, mid-April to mid-May.
  • The Spring Festival (சித்திரை திருவிழா) is held for ten days and on each day the rituals are performed by people of various communities.
  • Pradosham, Thirukalyanam, Navaratri, Varusha Abishegam are held in a grand manner here.
    Thiruvilakku Pooja on every full moon day (பௌர்ணமி) and Sumangali Pooja are also performed here.

How to Reach Here

You can reach this temple at Sernthapoomangalam via buses that go to Punnakayal. You can also hire an auto or a van from the Aathoor Bus-stand on the Tuticorin to Tiruchendur main road.

Temple Timings
Morning: 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.
Evening: 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

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