Interesting Places That Cannot Be Missed In Tirunelveli

July 12, 2014
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Tirunelveli is a place that is worth a visit at least once in the lifetime. There are many places in Tirunelveli that attract many tourists towards the place. Some of them include dams, temples, sanctuaries, sculpture houses, hills and so on. Apart from the places there food and tradition of this place are very rich and unique. In fact, it will be very interesting the culture of the people living in this spot. Though people here use the Tamil language their way of pronunciation and sounds will be different and it attracts many people. In fact, it will sound like music as it has some sort of rhythm in it. The scenic background of this city will be very good too making it preferable apart from the reasons mentioned above. Some of the important places that have to be visited during the tour of Tirunelveli are listed below.

Manjolai: A very good place that is worth a visit in Tirunelveli is Manjolai. This is a hill station that is situated at the elevation of 1162 sq. metre. The prime attraction of this area is the tea plantations that are available in the spot. One of the most familiar tea estates in the area is Bombay Burma Tea Estate. This place also provides a very good employment opportunity to the people through the tea estates as a matter of fact about 4000 people are working in various tea plantations. The calm atmosphere and the wonderful climate of the place make it even more appealing. In fact, many tourists compare this place with the queen of hills i.e. Udhagamandalam due to the splendid experience they get here. When a person stays here for some time, he will get peace of mind and will be able to relax well. Finding a stay will also be not very challenging.


In between Manjolai and Manimuthar, there is a fresh pool of water which is named as Dasan Pool and the person visiting this area will be surely impressed with its green nature and pleasant climate. It is possible to go even for greater heights, and there will be real gifts of nature namely Kakkachi and Nalumukka that will provide an unforgettable experience to the visitor. Before going to these places at the summer, it will be a very good idea to book proper stay place as the number of tourists will be more in the particular time.


Krishnapuram Sculptures: Another important feature to be noted in Tirunelveli is the amazing Krishnapuram Sculptures. Usually, the sculptures that are present in the temples of this city will be very attractive and unique. This place is preferred by numerous researchers and sculpture lovers. Krishnapuram Sculptures are very common in the Venkatachalapathy temple. In fact, this temple is the treasure of statues and handicrafts that should not be missed. As everyone knows these sculptures will be created by carving the stones. Lord Venkatachalapathy along with Sri Devi and Bhu Devi are the main deity in this temple. The architecture of this place is also noteworthy. It is believed that Vijayanagaram sculptors were the people who created these wonderful structures, according to the orders of Krishnappa Nayakkar belonging to the Nayak dynasty. This structure will be depicting the wonderful tales of Tamil people and especially it will concentrate on various tragedies and heroics involved in life.


Pulithevan Palace: This is another place that is related to the history of Tirunelveli. In fact, this palace has an important role in the freedom struggle of the nation. This place was the headquarters for the first chieftain of Tamil Nadu Pulithevar during the freedom struggle. It is also believed that he was responsible for the rise of Tamil people against the British.

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