Information On Various Sanctuaries In Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli is a place that is known for the various animal and bird sanctuaries that are located in and around. In fact, the Sanctuaries act as the prime reason for the tourist attraction. There are numerous wildlife lovers and tourists who visit Tirunelveli every year in order to have a look at the sanctuaries. Apart from the animals and birds the plant life in the sanctuaries is also very good. The climate and environment of such places will be liked by many people. Usually, such places will be apt for making good backgrounds for the photographs too. Some of the important sanctuaries that are located at Tirunelveli are discussed below.

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve:

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is very famous in Tirunelveli. 817 sq. Km is the total area of the tiger reserve. It is located at the southmost part of the Western Ghats. This was declared as the national tiger reserve in the year of 1988. Cheranmahadevi is the station that lies 20 km away from this place, and Ambasamudaram station is about 15 km away from the sanctuary. These two are the nearest train route to reach the sanctuary. When it comes to the airway, Madurai and Trivandrum are the best choices to make. Reaching this place through road is also not a very tough job as the roadways are very good. The bus service is for the sanctuary is also available very frequently. 358 sq. Km is the buffer space in the sanctuary, and the core zone comprises of 459 sq.kms which in total becomes 817 sq. Kms.


This place has a mountainous topography and also consists of tropical dry deciduous forest covering the lower slopes. And the higher slopes are covered by the tropical wet evergreen forests. In fact, it makes the place even more attractive for the tourists. The climate will also vary according to the various places in the mountain. At the plain level, the place will be very hot and dry humid. When it comes to elevated places, the climate will be cold and will make the spot more pleasant. In the entire place, more tigers can be found at the southern part of the reserve. Apart from the tigers there are many other animals living in the place, and some of them include the following dholes, striped hyenas, civets, panthers, jackals, jungle cats and so on. There are about 18 non-human primate species in India and among them five are found in this particular reserve and they are Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macque, bonnet macaque, common langur and slender loris.


This place also acts as a habitat for numerous endangered species like crocodiles, monitor, common krait, darkpit viper, lizard, viper, russels, garden lizard, tortoise, king cobra and many rare species of frogs. There are more than 80 species of birds having this region as their habitat. Parakeets, herons, night jars, spurfowl, partridge, paradise flay catchers , kites , sparrows, bee caters, minivets , owls, jungle fowl, emerald dove, quails, and egrets etc are some of the birds that can be found very commonly in this place. Also, it is identified that there are about 24 trails in the place making it more precious. It fact it acts as a very good point of attraction to the trekkers and adventurers. This place is open to the visitors on all days, and the timings are between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. September to January is considered to be the best season to visit this place. Even finding a staying place in this region is not very tough as there are numerous dormitories and forest rest houses ready for accommodation.

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