The Legendary Tirunelveli Halwa

Tirunelveli is always a sweet memory to many visitors, all thanks to its very own speciality - The Tirunelveli/ Iruttu Kadai Halwa. The warm, melt-in-mouth delicacy served on plantain leaves is an exclusive Nellai indulgence that leaves you craving for more.

The Age-Old Tale of Tirunelveli Halwa

The Rajaputraa masses originating from Rajasthan brought halwa for the first time in Tirunelveli. They were working under the Jamindhars in Chokampatti, a tiny village at Tirunelveli. In the year 1882, the first-ever halwa shop was opened at Tirunelveli. It was soft, melt-in-mouth, aureate brown in colour and had a divine and appetizing aroma. The taste was so addictive that the residents of Tirunelveli could not miss relishing this sweet even for one day.
Interesting Facts
  • The most famous Tirunelveli halwa is undoubtedly the Iruttukadai Halwa. The shop is located on the left side of the Nellaiappar temple.
  • In the olden days, candles were used to light the interiors of the shop. Hence, the shop got the name "Iruttu Kadai," meaning "dark shop."
  • Even today, the shop is dimly lit on purpose to maintain its legendary name and meaning.
  • The shop operates only for a few hours in the evening and sells only a limited quantity of halwa, which is always sold out on that day itself.
  • Even today, they never use any machine to squeeze the wheat milk. Also, ghee is always sourced directly from farmers.
  • The extra layer of ghee is never removed from the top of the halwa. It remains there and acts as a preservative to increase the shelf life of the halwa.
  • The Iruttukadai Halwa shop doesn't have any other branches in Tirunelveli or Tamil Nadu.
Ingredients / Health Facts

The Tirunelveli halwa is made up of the following ingredients:


  • A rich source of Folate, manganese, thiamin, and vitamin B6. It is proven to be good for both muscles and nerves.


  • Pure ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins E, D, and A. It aids in food digestion.


  • A rich source of iron, vitamin K, and magnesium. It helps improve heart function and overall body function.

Tamiraparani river water

  • Nourished with herbs from the western ghats, it contains unique medicinal properties of the Siddha medicines.

Halwa Updates

Anyone who visits Tirunelveli will definitely go back home only with a few boxes containing the most delicious Tirunelveli halwa. Its taste and quality are so good that you cannot find it elsewhere in any part of the world. Its age-old authentic recipe of secret ingredients and the traditional way it is cooked is the reason for its unique, distinctive taste. Wish to know more about halwa and halwa recipes? We provide it all!

Tirunelveli Halwa Varieties

Carrot Halwa
July 7, 2021
A traditional Indian pudding made of grated fresh carrots, milk, ghee and sugar. This appetizing sweet delight is served at almost all feasts in Tirunelveli.
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Muscoth Halwa
July 7, 2021
This halwa captures the rich flavours of coconut milk and is hence called coconut milk halwa too. Not even a drop of oil or ghee is used to make this delicacy.
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Fruits Halwa
July 7, 2021
A wide variety of fresh fruits are used to make this sweet delight. The recipe can be altered with less sugar and ghee to make it more healthy for kids.
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Thadiyangai Halwa
July 7, 2021
Made of ash gourd and generous helpings of dry fruits and ghee, this white pumpkin halwa/ vellai poosanikai halwa/ash gourd halwa is a soft, melt in mouth delight.
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Famous halwa shops in Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli Halwa- The Tastiest Tamil Sweet

A scoop of this warm, freshly made, rich, tasty and melt-mouth halwa will make you realize why the Tirunelveli halwa is known as the lord of all Tamil sweets. The exquisite taste and soft texture will drown you in sweet ecstasy. And, we warn you in advance that this halwa is going to melt your heart and taste buds.
Helpline Numbers
  • Collectorate Board: 0462-2501035
  • Police Control Room: 100
  • Traffic Police: 103
  • Medical Help Line : 104
  • Fire and Rescue : 101
  • Ambulance Help Line : 108
  • Ambulance (National Highways) : 1073
  • Child Help line : 1098
  • Sexual Harashment : 1091
  • Railway Help Line : 1512
Taste the Traditional Tirunelveli Halwa
Though almost every single shop in Tirunelveli claims that their halwa is the authentic one, only one shop, the Iruttu Kadai, offers the actual, authentic halwa. Be sure to relish this toothsome treat whenever you visit Tirunelveli. You'll surely come back for more as no one can stop with one bite!
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