5 Miracle Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer

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There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of breast cancer cases across the globe in recent times. India too isn’t an exception to this global phenomenon. The year 2015 witnessed 1,55,000 women being detected with breast cancer in India of which 76,000 were at the brink of succumbing sooner or later.

Early Symptoms – Check for these if you haven’t yet!

  •         Lumps in or near the armpit, under the arms, on in any part of the breast
  •         Nipple discharges other than breast milk
  •         Noticeable thickening of the nipples and or scales, redness on the breast skin
  •         Nipples turning inwards
  •         Pain in breast or nipples
  •         Skin dimpling or irritation
  •         Swelling on the entirety or part of the breast

Point to Note: The above given symptoms may or may not be actual symptoms of breast cancer. Other lesser conditions such as breast / nipple infections or cysts can also exhibit the same symptoms.

If the early symptoms go undetected, it can lead to severe symptoms that can give you the cue to breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awarness

Severe Symptoms of Breast Cancer – Don’t let it lead you to this!

  •         Muscle weakness
  •         Double vision
  •         Headache
  •         Cough
  •         Breathlessness
  •         Jaundice
  •         Weight loss & Appetite loss
  •         Nausea
  •         Bone Aches

At present, it is a sad state of affairs that India leads the number of breast cancer deaths in the world with many women losing their healthy years and battle to this condition. Hence, awareness alone won’t suffice in the present day, it is imperative that we prevent our mothers, sisters and daughters from falling prey to breast cancer.

Miracle Foods that act as a Firewall against Breast Cancer

Miracle foods aren’t ascending from heaven, these are part of our everyday lives, only that we haven’t recognized them as cancer protectors as yet. Here they are listed out for your benefit….



Higher and regular mushroom intake can help prevent breast cancer for premenopausal women. Rich in antioxidants like L-ergothioneine , mushrooms take the fight up with the cancer cells and ensure that all is well with the body.



The pomegranate seeds are rich in ellagic acid that curbs the cancer development enzymes in the body, thus nipping it right at the bud! Being a natural rich source of antioxidants pomegranates are known to improve heart health as well. Diabetes patients and those who are keen on having their blood sugar levels in check, must not take more than 250 ml per day.



Filled to the brim with fibres, folates and a wide range of nutrients, a higher intake of legumes (beans and lentils) can ensure that breast cancer stays at bay.



Spinach is rich in folates that aids at bringing down breast cancer risk by 40% in premenopausal women. Also being a rich source of Vitamin B, spinach ensures healthy cell divisions and hence curbs changes to cell DNA denying cancerous cell development.



The egg yolk has abundance of choline, a nutrient that is known to bring down breast cancer risk by 24%. This nutrient is essential for active and healthy cell functioning. Other known sources of choline include wheat germ, broccoli, pork, poultry and fish.

Act Don’t Repent!

Though the above given foods help you to prevent breast cancer, there is no harm in ensuring that all is well. Make annual breast cancer screening a routine to ensure early detection and quick treatment. It is a must for women above 40. Check for the above given symptoms and if you are in doubt, it never pains to have a mammogram done! Better safe than sorry!

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